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Outdoor Decor

Every spring, w bring in thousands of frost proof hand potted garden planter that do not need to be moving into storage and no turning over for the winter. With all sizes, shapes & colors, you will find us to have the best selection and price in town. We now offer top quality organic potting soil perfect for flowers, fruits and vegetables. Come see our great selections of fountains, granite statues, stone lanterns, rain chains, rugs and many other decorations to beautify your outdoor space. 

Out of State Shipment: Outdoor planters & fountains can only be shipped by pallet. Average shipping cost to an residential address is $350 ~ $500 depending on your location. One 4'x4' pallet would fit combinations of 4-8 large or 8-32 small to medium planters. 

Concrete Planters and fountains is great for creating a classic "old world: space.
Weighting 100lb ~ 300lbs, They are also great for public area installations. 
Tall Drum Shape Outdoor Planter Oval Flower Pot

 34"H Drum Planter in many colors 20"D X 34"H

 Oval Planter comes in 2 sizes 29"D X 20.5"H, 24.5"D X 18"H


Miami Planter
22"Dx 29"H, 16.5"Dx 23"H

Oval Slanted Pots are fun and modern
20.5"D x 25.5"H,  14"D x18"H 


 Asymmetrical bamboo planters adds a fun modern twist to your outdoor scape

17"D X 35.5"H, 17"D X 28"H, 13"D X 22"H

High Diamond Planters are elegant indoors and out
18"D x 26"H,  14"D x 20.5"H, 11"D x 16"H

tall-square.jpg twist.jpg 

Slim square planters in various sizes are modern and clean

16"D X 43"H, 15"D X 34"H, 14.5"D X 28.5"H, 13.5"D X 23"H

Twist planters are intersting by themselves and great addition to staight square pots

15"D X 34"H, 14.5"D X 23.5"H

cone-planter.jpg cone-planter-yellow.jpg

Mix and Match different colors and size cone planters to create fun groupings
23"D X 11.5"H, 20"D X 10"H, 16.5"D X 8"H, 12.5"D X 7.5"H                              19"D X 19"H, 15"D X 15"H, 12.5"D X 12.5"H

eggshell-planter.jpg short-rim-planter.jpg

Egg Shell planters comes in various sizes. They are great for flowers and trees. Size: 22.50”Wx 18.00”H, 17.50”Wx 15.00”H, 14.00”Wx 12.50”H

Grop a set of low rim planters for a layering look
23.00”Wx 13.00”H; 17.00”Wx 10.00”H; 13.00”Wx 8.50”H

golden-dimple.jpg strawberry-planter.jpg

Textured manhattan jar planters give an elegant traditional finish

22"D X 27.5"H, 14"D X 22"H

Strawberry planters are also great for herbs and succulents

17"W X 24"H

akami-tqu.jpg akami-white.jpg

Akami Planters are great for flowers and herbs        17"Dx14"H, 14"Dx12"H, 11"Dx10"H, 8.5"Dx8.5"H

Day Lily Planter
20"x20"H, 15.5"x15.5"H
Ceramic Buddha Head
L: 17.5"Wx30.5"H   S: 14"Wx20"W

Econo Grower Rustic Pot
25"Dx19"H, 20"Dx16"H, 16"Dx14"H, 12"Dx12"H, 8"Dx10"H

Tuscan planters in various shapes and sizes are great for creating an European garden look 
French Antique Style Square Pot Tuscany Planter
Antique wash European style planters have the quiet old world look  

Antique Rustic White Wash Planters
Each one is its own character, use these old world planter to achive the antique rustic feel for your space. 
Sq and Rectangular Fiberglass Outdoor Planters

Square and rectangular fiberglass planters provide the light weight durable solution for clean modern designs

Cube: 20", 16", 12", 10"
Tall Square: 16"Sq x 32"H,  14"Sq x 28"H,  11"Sq x 24"H,  8.5"Sq x 20"H
Rectangular: 39"L x 18"D x 18"H,  31"L x 16"D x 16"H,   24"L x 12"D x 12"H

sphere-fountain-org.jpg fountainette.jpg
Sphere fountain is a great statement piece for the yard. 25.5"Wx30"H Fountain sets and fountainettes are easy to set up without digging holes 


Jar bubbler fountains offer tranquility for your indoor or outdoor space
22"D x 46.5"H, 20"D x 36"H
Milano Drum Fountains are beautiful displayed in a group or individually
15"D x 36"H, 13.5"W x 29.5"H, 12"D x 22.5"H
Self flowing fountains

Our most popular self-flow fountains come in 19", 27" and 36"H.  Easy set up and can be left outside with proper winterization

Outdoor ceramic balls

  These sphere balls can be on the ground or on top of pots to creat a colorful hardscape.  They add a splash of color outdoors in the fall and winter months.

16" & 12"

outdoorfrogs.jpg Outdoor safe lighted planters
Outdoor Ceramic Meditation Frog   18.5"Wx10.5"Dx18.5"H You can plant flowers straight into the outdoor safe lighted planters.  Change the energy efficient bulb color for an entirely different look. 
 Happy Frog & Ocean Forest Foxfarm Organic Soil  
FoxFarm organic soil - One of the best to grow flowers, fruits, and veggies in containers.