Round Carved Stand 2"-9"

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Product Overview

This beautifully carved wood stand will complete the look for your statues, vases and bowls. For sizes 4” and above, a hole is drilled in the center for making it into a lamp base. Made of MDF board for strength and stable shape, plus semi-glossy black wood veneer for the solid wood beauty. Please measure the bottom diameter of your bowl or vase and select the appropriate size. The base of your display piece must be smaller than the Listed Size (inside diameter) of this stand to fit right. If your piece is just slightly larger or exactly equal to the listing size, please purchase the next size up stand. 

Listing     Overall
Size         Width        Height
  2           2.75          1
 2.5          3.5           1
  3            4             1.25
 3.5          4.5           1.25
  4            5             1.25
 4.5          5.5           1.5
  5           6.25          1.5
 5.5          6.75         1.5
  6           7.25          1.75
 6.5           8            1.75
  7            8.5          1.75


(No reviews yet) Write a Review