6" Rd Self Water Pot Caribbean Blue

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Product Overview

Inner size for planting is 4.75in opening X 3.25in deep. Overall size: 6.5 x 4.25 inch H. Fits a 4 inch potted plant.

Originally designed for African Violet, this watering from the root planter is ideal for many house plants. Simply fill the bottom portion half way with water and place planted inner pot inside. Water will soak through unglazed inner pot keeping soil moist. This colorful ceramic planter cuts down watering frequency and minimizes chances of over flowing water running on the table surface. Your plants would stay healthy and happy for days without much attention. Unlike plastic pots, this planter is high temperature fired. It won’t fade or crack in the sun. Ideal for indoors or out.

*Fix shipping charge is for lower 48 States only.  This item is not shipped to HI, AK nor international address due to higher than normal breakage rates. 

Planting instructions: 

  1. Make sure the soil is wet when first planting, this will help water soak through the clay in the beginning and keep the soil moist. 
  2. The planter is fully glazed on the inside of the outer pot and should be water tight. Please test it first by placing a dry paper towel underneath for a few hours to see there is no cracks or leaks. 
  3. Sometimes slight overfilling of the bottom pot would cause water to seep out from the top when the inner pot is inserted. If not dried, water will sit at the bottom looking like it is leaking. Check to make sure that the bottom of the pot is dry after each watering.  You can also use a waterproof maker to make a watering line on the inside wall of the outer pot as a future watering guide. 
  4. We recommend using a planting cork coaster or a none porous mat under the pot, especially when placed on wooden or other water sensitive surfaces. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review