Boreas & Oreithyia

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Orithyia was the daughter of King Erechtheus of Athens and his wife, Praxithea, in Greek mythology. Boreas, the north wind, fell in love with her. At first he attempted to woo her, but after failing at that he decided to take her by force.While she was playing by the Ilissos River she was carried off to Sarpedon’s Rock, near the Erginos River in Thrace. Orithyia was later made into the goddess of cold mountain winds.


Cold cast bronze is a new artform of casting with resin mixed with bronze powder gives this highly detailed sculputure an authentic bronze look. Each piece is then hand colored and finished making this an unique piece of art.

Size: 6.5in W x 11.25in H x 3.5in D


(No reviews yet) Write a Review