Ocean Blue Bamboo Fountain

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Relax to the soothing sound of water with this beautiful and simple table top fountain. The fountain is made with real bamboo and ceramic bowl. Not resin or plastic material.
This Ocean Blue glaze has variation in the blue and green shades of color. May not be exactly as shown in the pictures. 

Easy 4 step set up: 

  1. Fill the bowl half way with water
  2. Connect the pump to the bamboo spout.  Tube may be trimmed so the pump sits directly under the spout (optional)
  3. Submerge the pump in water and place the bamboo spout at the back edge of the bowl.  Making sure the spout is not tipping backward. 
  4. Plug in the pump to electrical outlet and enjoy. 

Customize the sound and look of your fountain by placing water plants, rocks, or floating object inside the bowl. 

Be sure to protect wood and other surface from splashing water droplets by placing a none-pervious mat or tile under the fountain. 

Water would wash down material from the interior surface of bamboo, especially the first few weeks.  Use a toothbrush to clean and wash out gray/ black discoloration inside the spout.  Place the fountain away form direct sunlight would help prevent the bamboo spout from cracking. 

Overall Size: 8W 8D 8.5"H; Bowl Base Size: 6" Round; Bamboo Spout Size: 8L 4.25"D 2.25"H

View video and hear sound 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review