Dazzle & Glaze - Lotus Quan Yin

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Guanyin, the bodhisattva associated with compassion and mercy, is one of the more popular gods in our collection. When used as a decorative element in the home, Guanyin often used to bring warmth into the home, and act as a nurturing mother figure.

Designed by Taiwanese master sculptor and casted from special crushed stone compound, each is with exceptional detail and wonderful expression. The Dazzle and Glaze art tile series make great decoration to your wall, table or shelf display in any room.  Each tile is approximately 6.25" wide, 8" tall, and 2" thick. Each may be mounted straight onto a wall with screw & anchor or nail into a stud. 

For a formal wall art piece, complete the look with our white glassy wood frame. You may also use one of the specialty stands for table or bookshelf display. Frames and stands are sold separately.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review