Scroll Stand 3"-13"

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Product Overview

This versatile wood stand is perfect for vases, statues, figurines and any collectables with odd shape bases. Made with MDF board strength and stability, and semi-gloss wood veneer gives the look of natural elegance

Size listed is the overall dimension of the stand. Please check the chart below for sizes (inches) on the top displayable area & height. Please measure the bottom dimension of your statue or vase and select the appropriate size. The base of your display piece must be smaller or equal to the Display Area of this stand (inch) to fit right. If your piece is just slightly larger than listing size, please purchase the size up stand.

Listing     Display
Size         Area       Height
3x2          2x2             1
4x3        3.25x3         1
5x4          4x4            1.25
6x4.5     4.75x4.5      1.5
7x5.5     5.75x5.5      1.5
8x6.5     6.5x6.5        1.75
9x7         7.5x7          1.75
10x8        8x8             2
11x9       9.5x9           2.25
13x9.5   11.25x9.5    2.25


(No reviews yet) Write a Review